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Helping Build Tomorrow’s Audience

Helping Build Tomorrow’s Audience



I’m proud to announce that BlueToad is a supporter of Just 1 Book – a local Florida charity started by 15 year old Sarah Dewitz.  Five years ago, Sarah recognized the importance of reading in her life and discovered that unfortunately not every child had this same opportunity.  Only 10 years old at the time, she challenged everyone at her elementary school to donate just one book.  Her effort resulted in thousands of donated books and led her to create Just 1 Book, which through its book mobile delivers books to the doorsteps of kids in need.  The mission of Just 1 Book is simple – to make sure every child has access to books.  Today, and because of Sarah’s efforts, hundreds of thousands of books have been given to kids who could not afford to buy books or who do not otherwise have access to a library.  To read more about Sarah and her organization go to  Sarah is an inspiration, and her organization is incredible.


Just 1 Book got me to thinking about my 1 book – the single book that kick-started my passion for reading.  I was in fourth grade when I got my 1 book.  I came home from school one day, and my grandmother had bought me the book “Out of Phaze” written by Piers Anthony.  It was my first “real” book.  “Out of Phaze” is a fantasy adventure that took my imagination to places only reachable through reading.  Within a few short years, I had read and collected nearly every book written by Piers Anthony.  I continued to read fantasy, science fiction, and mystery novels throughout high school and college.  To this day, I can still easily get lost in a good book.


Without question, as an attorney and business leader, reading has had a profound impact on my life and my career.  I imagine many of you might have a fond memory of your 1 book as well.  If so, I truly hope you share your passion for reading and consider contributing to a charity like Just 1 Book.  As publishers and creators of content, it just makes sense to help promote the benefits and joy of reading to kids who will one day become our next audience.