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Is an app right for me?

Is an app right for me?

Readers access digital content throughout their day and across different devices. What does this mean for publishers?


There is a potential need and audience for native and non-native solutions. So let’s look at the top three benefits of utilizing a non-native solution like HTML 5 and a native app.


Top 3 benefits of an HTML 5 non-native solution

  1. No app download required – Readers are not required to download an app in order to access your content.
  2. No issue download required – Your audience can jump right in to an issue and begin reading with no need to download an issue.
  3. Publish once, distribute widely – Content is automatically compatible with most modern devices and browsers without extra work.


Top 3 benefits of a native app solution

  1. Offline reading – readers can download content for those times they don’t have access to an internet connection.
  2. Built-in marketing – Generate exposure by having your app appear in various app market places.
  3. Push notifications – Publishers can alert their audience to updates and new content through push notifications.


Clearly, both solutions have their distinct benefits. But how does this translate into real-world usage by readers? While native apps have the capability to actively reach out to an audience, 53 percent of consumers still access publisher content via non-native platforms like HTML 5.


With such an even split between platform usage, having a strategy that combines both platforms with familiar design aesthetics and experience improves your level and quality of reach, helping you build stronger relationships with your audience. Both platforms play important roles in the way your readers access and engage with your content. Meeting the needs and expectations of your audience is the simplest key to creating quality reach to your readers.


For now, publishers should focus on continuing to generate their quality content and making it available to their audience through whatever channels they can. To finally determine which strategy is right for you, measure the way your audience engages with your content. Take a look at Thermostats™ and see how your audience reaches your content most. Could you achieve your goals with just a non-native HTML 5 solution? Is an app by itself enough to engage your audience? Or is a combination of the two still the best answer?