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Focus on 310 Publishing LLC – AMERICA IN WWII


Jim Kushlan – Editor

Featured: Jim Kushlan

AMERICA IN WWII is a popular history magazine that focuses on the American experience during the second World War. It is distributed traditionally to bookstore newsstands and is sold by subscription, reaching a circulation of approximately 20,000 subscribers.

The never-ending lesson in history is that everything changes, eventually, believes publisher of AMERICA IN WWII, Jim Kushlan. He found out how much everything really does change in 2005 when he and his wife founded this title. Suddenly he was in a new territory – far from the days when direct mail was the most effective method of reaching an audience.

Readers are no longer satisfied to only have print as an option. They demand good content and they want it in more than one format. He wondered if the up-and-coming world of digital publishing was his new avenue of choice. There were concerns – was this really necessary? A fleeting trend or here to stay? What will the costs be to produce?

Initially Jim invested in a digital edition only to be read via computer screen but quickly added on apps for Nook, iPad, iPhone and Android. He chose a side-load app for Kindle (one that is downloaded to the device outside of the App Store).

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Jim found mobile apps to be a great way to find new subscribers. The AMERICA IN WWII app is a free app to download. Readers can access content via single issue or subscription. Production time and costs are minor as they upload one PDF that is used for all digital outlets – computer and mobile devices.

AMERICA IN WWII serves an older demographic so Jim intends to continue to offer print AND digital for a long time. “We won’t force anyone that’s not an eager adopter of technology to go digital” he says.

How does he get the word out? This niche publisher uses device-specific Google ads to drive readers to the appropriate app. Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter get their brand message out to their audience and website ads specifically gear towards promoting their digital edition. Apple’s Newsstand allows for this niche title to stand out in a sea of apps and attract readers. He has found new, paying subscribers and has noticed an increase in reader-to-subscriber conversions without significant costs. For Jim, going digital is not only doable, but also affordable.

About Jim Kushlan — Jim has worked in publishing for 28 years, mostly on the editorial side of consumer niche titles. His career unfolds during tumultuous but exciting years in the publishing industry – years that are witnessing dramatic changes in the way magazines are produced, marketed and used.

Visit AMERICA IN WWII online at or follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

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