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The Value Of Digital Circulars

The Value Of Digital Circulars


Pat Catan'sDigital circulars offer tremendous value to retailers and manufacturers. While it’s true that digital circulars are an effective tool for creating demand for online purchases, the value of a digital circular extends far beyond e-commerce transactions. In this case study, BlueToad’s retail client, Pat Catan’s Craft Centers, shares how their digital circular adds value to their organization in the absence of an e-commerce site.

Pat Catan’s Craft Centers

Pat Catan’s Craft Centers is a leading crafts retailer with more than 20 locations throughout Ohio and Pennsylvania. In the absence of a shopping cart feature, the intent of the current website,, is to drive in-store traffic. Like many brick and mortar retailers with websites that do not offer online shopping, the executives at Pat Catan’s Craft Centers wondered if a digital circular would add value to their bottom line. 

If our website does not permit online shopping, will a digital circular help our company achieve our sales goals?

Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 1.25.57 PMAccording to Ryan Kilbane, Loyalty Program Director at Pat Catan’s Craft Centers, the answer is a resounding “Yes.” 

While BlueToad’s solution can link to an existing e-commerce site, its digital solution for retailers has profound effects even if a business lacks an e-commerse component. According to Kilbane, consumers and retailers equally benefit from a digital circular even in the absence of an e-commerce component.

Kilbane explains how BlueToad’s digital circular has helped the company build engagement and loyalty among consumers. Additionally, Kilbane highlights the operational efficiencies that the company has achieved as a result of the data retrieved from the digital circular.

Build Engagement And Loyalty With Consumers

Retail circulars help shoppers plan. Studies show that 75% of purchasing decisions are made prior to coming into the store and 50% of consumers use retail circulars to make lists.1 Pat Catan’s Craft Centers designed their digital circular to help customers select the products they want before coming into the store. By utilizing BlueToad’s roll-over feature, consumers are able to instantly obtain additional product information and images with just a click of a button, and consumers can easily select products to make a shopping list.

“By giving readers the ability to create a shopping list, we help make their shopping experience more convenient, which entices more customers to visit one of our stores.” – Ryan Kilbane

Gain Customer Insights

Digital circulars collect extensive insight about consumer behaviors and preferences. Pat Catan’s Craft Center uses BlueToad’s proprietary Thermostats™ analytics to uncover information about product interest and the overall design and performance of their circular. “The reports generated from BlueToad’s Thermostats™ help us make important operational decisions. During retail meetings, our team will go over the activity from the most recent circular. If there are 15 items on the cover and seven of those items had significant rollover activity, we will likely include them on the cover for our next publication. Similarly, if we find that something on page four experienced a lot of views, we may bump that item up closer to the front page,” explains Kilbane.

analyticscircleicon“The reports from BlueToad’s Thermostats™ tell us things like which products are clicked on the most or which pages get the most views. We can draw conclusions about product interest, optimal page layout, and where the best spaces are within the circular to promote a product. This information ensures that we achieve the best possible result from all of our marketing efforts.” – Ryan Kilbane


The Value Of A Digital Circular Can Be Felt Throughout The Organization

Data collected from digital circulars can provide significant value to retailers and manufacturers beyond the marketing department. Understanding consumer interest in a particular product can help an organization forecast demand and ultimately improve overall inventory levels. Pat Catan’s Craft Center is an example of how BlueToad’s digital retail solution delivers significant value to retailers and manufacturers by effectively reaching and engaging consumers, increasing web and in-store traffic, and ultimately generating sales and delivering operational efficiencies.

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