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The Value of Personalized Digital Documents

The Value of Personalized Digital Documents

Personalized digital documents can improve efficiency and customer satisfaction.


The Bottom Line

A publicly traded healthcare provider recently added the ability for enrollees to choose print or digital as the delivery method for time sensitive enrollment documents. The addition of digital documents produced several benefits:

  • Time-sensitive documents were received by the consumer within 12 hours of request.
  • Customer satisfaction ratings improved which enabled the healthcare provider to qualify for extended enrollment periods.
  • Enrollee exposure increased by 300%. 


The introduction of a five-star quality rating system by the Affordable Care Act has lead to many changes in the Medicare Advantage (MA) market. Healthcare organizations with the highest ratings have a significant competitive advantage such as the ability to attract new customers, receive expanded enrollment periods, and secure higher bonus percentages. With billions of dollars in bonus payments at risk, healthcare organizations are searching for ways to improve their MA Star Rating.

stargraph-01According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, stars are worth millions of dollars to healthcare organizations.

This case study will showcase how a publicly traded healthcare organization was able to improve their star rating by offering digital editions of their customer-facing documents. The case study will also address the workflow integration with BlueToad’s digital publishing solution that led to their success.


Table Of Contents

  • About the Company and their Challenge
  • The Solution and Benefits
  • The Conclusion


The Company and Their Challenge

care-teamThe publicly-traded healthcare company currently provides and administers health benefits to approximately 5.5 million individuals within the United States through group, individual, Medicare, Medicaid, and other government programs. Like most healthcare organizations, they were searching for initiatives that would improve their overall MA Star Rating.

One of the five components that influence the MA Star Rating is the overall patient experience. This includes all customer communications and the entire enrollment process.

The client decided to evaluate their existing communications and enrollment processes and ultimately determined that the patient experience was an area that could easily and quickly be improved.

circles-reachcircleiconLike most healthcare companies, this healthcare company was relying solely on printed documents for all customer communications. The company leveraged preference management capabilities to allow the reader to adopt digital delivery and achieve the following objectives:

  • Increase plan participation
  • Deliver documents through a desired channel
  • Bring web ease-of-use to print-oriented documentation
  • Improve the value of their communications

The company was confident that successful attainment of these objectives would result in an improved MA Star Rating.


The Solution and Benefits

distributioncircleiconIn order to achieve the objectives stated above, the company partnered with BlueToad to offer a new communication channel: digital documents viewable from any modern desktop or mobile device.

Adding a digital solution to the tools utilized by the company meant that their members and potential enrollees were receiving the best service possible, amplifying the company’s ability to increase satisfaction. The following three benefits illustrate how the company was able to improve the patient experience following the implementation of BlueToad’s digital publishing solution:

#1 Increase Member Engagement:

publishcircleiconWith the introduction of digital editions, members and potential enrollees could choose their preferred communication channel, enabling the company to interact with members how they want, when they want, and where they want. As a result, the company was able to reach new levels of engagement.

#2 Speed of Delivery:

Members and potential enrollees received their customized information in near real-time, giving them the ability to process information immediately.

#3 Improved Access:

Members and potential enrollees now had 24/7 access to their documents from any desktop computer or mobile device. Implementing a user-friendly digital version of the company’s health plans and enrollment kits was fast, easy, and affordable. Their variable data system was able to extract key information from their account and export custom content for ingestion by BlueToad. More than 50 geographical versions were created with customized data to create customer specific health plans and enrollment kits. Distribution of the digital documents was driven by email from the healthcare provider with a link to the custom content.




By introducing digital documents into a preference management decision tree, the company was successful in achieving their objectives and was consequently awarded an additional half star. The improved MA Star Rating created a competitive advantage for the company and translated into immediate financial gains.  Additionally, the healthcare provider is now able to satisfy different customer needs and appeal to new demographics quickly and easily.

Key Message: Today’s modern business can easily and affordably leverage variable data delivered electronically, to distribute customized customer-facing documents.