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3 easy ways to share your digital edition

3 easy ways to share your digital edition

Experience the digital advantage; publish once and distribute widely.


We all know that the main goal behind producing quality content is getting eyes on the page and individuals enjoying your content. The key to growing your audience outside of producing interesting and engaging content is making that content easy to access and enjoy.


With a digital solution, you can easily bolster traditional marketing and distribution efforts by utilizing digital-only sharing options. The following are three simple sharing tips to get you started:


1.    Social Media




Having a social media presence gives publishers a means to speak directly to their audience and create a personal relationship with their readers. BlueToad’s solution makes sharing digital content quick and simple. Our HTML 5 solution makes it easy for you to share your content from your organization’s Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Pinterest profile.


More importantly, your readers have the same ability and can share links to complete issues, specific pages, and can even crop especially interesting and engaging sections of specific pages to share with all of their friends and followers. Give your digital content a chance to go viral; make your content a prominent part of your social media marketing strategy.


2.    Direct Links




By grabbing the direct URL link for your digital edition, you can provide hotlinks to your content in marketing emails, on a company blog, or on your website. These links can take readers to the cover of your issue or to a specific page within your digital edition.


You can grab the issue URL from your dashboard, from the address bar when you are viewing the digital content, or by copying and pasting the link that comes up when you click “Share” in your publication’s viewer toolbar. Providing easy-to-access links to your content helps your content reach a greater audience and make a stronger impact with your readers.


3.    Email Services




Is managing the sharing and distribution of your digital content too much for your organization? Do you need help keeping your readers informed of when new content comes out? Email distribution provides a low-effort way to reach your audience.


BlueToad’s email services allow you to send out email communications to your subscribers. Most publishers that utilize BlueToad’s email services will provide an HTML version of the email message they want to share to their pre-made subscriber list and let our email services department handle the rest. BlueToad’s email service is audit friendly. For more information on this service, feel free to contact our sales team .


Capturing the attention of your audience should be the main goal of your content; keeping the attention of your audience should be the main goal of your sharing and distribution efforts. With a digital solution, you can easily maintain meaningful reach with your audience.