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3 keys to increasing quality reach

3 keys to increasing quality reach

Are you taking advantage of your publishing resources?


Developing your ideas and messages is just one of the primary steps in reaching out to your audience. Taking advantage of your publishing resources can help your content step up and make a lasting impression with your audience. Take a look at these three points and evaluate your strategy and execution.


1 – Content and identity

It’s no secret that devoting resources to developing the best content for your audience is the foundation for quality engagement. Research, creative assets, and well-written copy will always serve as the basis for letting your identity and message resonate with your audience.


But there is more.


Incorporating an engaging digital solution can help strengthen your message and identity. If you already have print content, adding digital can show your audience that you are keeping up with their ever-evolving content consumption needs. Furthermore, digital provides additional benefits like rich media features including video, slideshows, animations, and audio to further emphasize your message and build your technologically progressive identity.


Take a look at these statistics gathered by Cisco.




As you can see, mobile-connected devices and data consumption with those devices is rising. Odds are that your audience is part of this trend. Putting your quality content directly in the hands of your audience helps you build a progressive identity and keep up with your readers’ consumption habits.


2 – Usability and accessibility

Again, your content is carefully crafted through the efforts of your best minds and resources, so displaying that content cleanly and elegantly is necessary to keep your readers engaged past the cover page.


With traditional print media, usability is pretty straight-forward, i.e., reader picks up printed copy, reader flips through pages, and reader consumes content.



Your digital content shouldn’t be any more complicated. With BlueToad’s HTML 5 solution on mobile devices, readers tap a link, swipe through pages, scroll through articles, and consume content.



BlueToad’s HTML 5 solution provides a simple way for your audience to engage with your content across all modern devices; getting out of the way and putting your content first.


3 – Communication and distribution

Have we mentioned that mobile-connected devices are on the rise? Well, it’s a point worth reiterating because with these devices becoming more and more ubiquitous in daily life, the opportunity to reach your audience increases.


Sharing and distributing your digital content is as simple as making the URL available to your audience. Social media sharing, links on your website, and direct email campaigns all put your content just a finger tap or mouse click away.


We previously published a blog on 3 easy ways to share your digital edition and combining those methods with various best practices can help you experience a digital advantage and enhance your reach.


Key message:

We know that mobile devices are flourishing, the digital experience is as intuitive as print, and sharing and distribution can be fast and simple. Opportunities to stay connected with your audience are growing. Don’t miss out.