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Digital Design Recommendations

Digital Design Recommendations

Digital Design & Feature Recommendations for Building Reader Engagement


We have compiled some basic design tips for our clients and customers and listed them below. These tips are especially helpful to publishers that create digital brochures and marketing materials but can also be generally applied to any digital publication.

Take a look and see if you can do more to Stand Out in the Digital Forest.


Font Size & Style:

  • Sans Serif fonts are recommended
  • Body: 12 pt or higher, black or dark color
  • Headlines: 16 pt or higher, bolded, eye-catching accent color


Rich Media:

  • Use embedded slideshows to showcase multiple photographs.
  • Use an auto-playing, embedded video whenever possible.
  • If space constraints exist, use a pop-up video for better viewing.



  • Use URL Links to guide your readers to additional content that lives on your website, blog, landing page, etc.
  • Use Article Links to supply additional content within your digital brochure.



  • Use fewer but larger images whenever possible.
  • Emphasize “quotes” by using a larger font size and a bold, eye-catching accent color.


Call to Action:

  • Use a larger font size and a bold, eye-catching accent color to communicate the call to action message.
  • Link to email addresses, websites, social media outlets, blogs, etc.
  • Use callout features (arrow, box, etc.) to draw attention to call to action messages.



  • Embed your UA Google Analytics code for tracking integration.

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