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Why Reach Is Important

Why Reach Is Important

Build strong audience relationships by reaching out to your readers directly.


A key component to the BlueToad value proposition is Reach. For us, delivering “Reach” to our customers means helping content creators build strong audience relationships by delivering their digital content to readers worldwide. Notwithstanding the fact that we are now knee deep in the digital publishing era, publishers still grapple with how to be successful with their digital content strategy. It is by no means easy. However, one way to simplify the problem is to use a solution that lets you quickly upload content one time and then output that content to all modern devices and browsers. Unfortunately, a lot of competitors, and therefore publishers, focus on a single channel like native apps. This is a mistake.

We recently looked at the statistics of BlueToad publishers with native apps and found some interesting data. As expected, over a period of 12 months, engagement with the publisher’s content through the native apps increased. However, during that same period of time, engagement with the publisher’s content through non-native mobile and desktop browsers increased at a faster rate and accounted for approximately 50% of the overall engagement with that content. This means a strategy focused only on native apps might miss 50% of the potential audience. This is a big deal.

At BlueToad, we don’t see the value or return from using expensive, cumbersome, workflow driven digital edition solutions. Especially when the solution can only competently deliver content through a single channel. Our suggestion is that you try to keep your digital strategy both easy and affordable. Upload once and satisfy many. Start building the relationship with your potential audience through the devices and platforms that matter to them. If you have good content, you will maintain your audience. You can then figure out what engages them more – animations, video, digital-only content, or something else. In the meantime, deploy a strategy to quickly and effectively reach your potential audience. If you don’t, you just might miss out.