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New Contents and Library View for HTML 5

New Contents and Library View for HTML 5

BlueToad’s HTML 5 viewer continues to improve.

html5Did you know that phone views of our HTML 5 viewer are the quickest growing segment of page views on the BlueToad Platform? Recognizing this growing trend, BlueToad is proud to announce several updates to the HTML 5 viewer. These updates are designed to enhance both the reading and navigation experience for your digital edition on desktop and mobile devices.

1. New Contents View: Clicking on the contents icon from the toolbar in HTML 5 will now take the reader to a more convenient and mobile-friendly content screen containing:

  • A scrollable article list with links to the text version of the content and to the laid out page on which the article exists; and
  • Easy swipe navigation to other associated documents or issues in your library.

2. New Library View:  Archive content within your document’s library has been moved to a more convenient scrollable location at the bottom of the screen.

3. Default Start Page Settings:  In your dashboard you will have the ability to set the default start screen your readers see when first entering the digital edition. This default start screen can be set to the traditional page view, the new Contents View, or the new Library. You can even make these settings different for phone readers, who might prefer the text articles in the Contents View, than for other readers who might prefer the traditional page view.

These updates to BlueToad’s HTML 5 contents and library view provide users with a better reading experience on a multitude of devices and improved navigation within and between your documents.