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BlueToad’s new HTML 5 viewer tutorial is here.

BlueToad’s new HTML 5 viewer tutorial is here.

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Do your readers know how to get around your digital edition?

Do you want to improve the digital experience for your audience?


BlueToad is here to help. On Tuesday, September 8th, we will launch a new tutorial designed to walk readers through the various features and functions of your HTML 5 digital edition.*

From navigation to sharing to printing pages, this new tutorial will automatically include information on features available to your readers in your particular digital edition.

The tutorial will automatically open in the browser window the next time a reader accesses your publication after the tutorial goes live on September 8th. After that, the tutorial can be launched by selecting “help” under the “more” icon in the toolbar.

We hope that this tutorial will improve the digital reading experience for your audience.

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Your partner in the Digital Forest,

Team BlueToad


*The tutorial is only available for HTML 5 digital editions and will not be available for Flash or Native Apps at this time.