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HTML 5 Rollover for Retail

HTML 5 Rollover for Retail

HTML 5 provides simple and elegant features perfect for retail catalogs and circulars.

html5circleiconSelecting HTML 5 as your primary viewer will provide a matching presentation for your digital solution across desktops and mobile browsers. Readers have the freedom to access all the information they want without having to click two or three times to get to it.

What is it?

  • Clear zoom to closely view the product
  • Viewers access desired information in one simple rollover box
  • Scrollable description allows you to exceed the former limit of 500 characters
  • Customers can build a printable and shareable shopping list
  • Adding a “Buy Now” button allows customers to make quick and easy purchases online
  • The reader stays close to the content

How does it benefit my publication?

distributioncircleiconCreating a clean and efficient presentation allows readers and customers to easily make shopping lists making their shopping experience even greater. For an in-depth look at how digital catalogs and circulars can improve the value of your marketing and outreach, we invite you to read our case study.

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