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I spoke with a neat creator today at One Spark called AMP (#21804).  AMP stands for Action Marketing Platform and is headed up by Manny Torres and Kenny Harper, along with some other partners.  Their mission is to amplify business growth through online tools and education.  I chatted with Manny and Kenny for a while at their booth at One Spark.  They officially pitch their project to crowd funders this evening in downtown Jacksonville.


What I like about AMP is it seems focused on the foundational elements of business growth.  They want to streamline and help guide small businesses online (think “Turbo Tax” said Kenny) through the process of establishing vision, mission, priorities, and, ultimately, brand.  Their objective is to simplify and make affordable the process of helping companies set a plan in these areas, take action, assess results, and repeat the process.  They believe that these fundamental steps are a prerequisite to seeking more personal consultative services from professionals – like marketing or business advisors.  I agree.


At BlueToad, this process was critical to us establishing our identity, building cohesion internally, crystalizing our goals, and executing against key priorities.  It was not an easy or short process.  It was evolutionary in nature.  One of my favorite business books is The Advantage by Patrick Lencioni.  We used that book in particular to help us establish a cohesive and trusting leadership team and to obtain clarity around what we do and why we exist.  At BlueToad, our mission is simple – to help content creators reach their audience.  We have since developed a vision, core values, and goals around this mission.


From experience, I can tell you that it would have been helpful to have these foundational elements settled or at least underway before we engaged our first public relations and marketing consultants many years ago.  We struggled through the process at the same time that we were trying to develop and push our brand to the public.  Any company with a mission of making these business fundamentals a priority and easier to accomplish is on the right track in my opinion.


If you are at One Spark, check out AMP (#21804) and decide for yourself if you want to support their mission.