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Innovation: the new norm

Innovation: the new norm

Technology and innovation are on my mind a lot lately. In the last 3 months, I’ve done three things I’ve never done before: Rode an Uber in Atlanta, measured my heartbeat with my phone, and Pinned my first pin to a board. Will we one day talk to my kids through my watch like Captain Kirk? Not sure…but for sure innovation is changing the way we live.


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Ever heard of Crowd Publishing? First Coast Magazine is creating its May Issue LIVE during One Spark – a crowd funding festival set in Jacksonville, FL from April 7-12, 2015. The team is creating the May issue in 5 days – and live in front of 250,000 expected attendees through a concept they are calling “First Coast MagLab”. Each day, magazine interviews occur right in the middle of the action and with a live audience who’s members can ask questions of the interviewee. Readers get to vote online to choose the cover and can watch First Coast editors and designers create the issue in real time.




Each day First Coast shares the “content-in-progress” as a BlueToad digital edition through email and social media. One Spark attendees can engage with the content assembled the day before and see what is still being formed. At the end of the event on Sunday, First Coast will share the completed May issue through its app and online during the One Spark Closing Ceremony.


Technology is enabling First Coast to embrace its audience in a new way,  deeply embedding them into the fabric of the First Coast community. We are so thrilled to help the team at First Coast and Beson4 with this great concept. To view the content – click here.


In the publishing industry – innovation is not only changing the way we distribute content – it can also influence the content itself.  The First Coast MagLab experiment is a great example – but not the only one out there. There are many things you can do to engage your audience and BlueToad wants to hear about them.


Tell us your stories and we will share them with the BlueToad community. We may even have some ideas to help make them better. Let us know at