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Opening Day of One Spark

Opening Day of One Spark

Today was the first day of One Spark, the world’s largest crowd funding festival in Jacksonville, Florida.  BlueToad is the official digital event guide partner of One Spark, and I had the pleasure of attending today’s speaker summit.  I got the chance to listen to a number of great business leaders, including Tamara Mendelsohn – VP of Marketing for Eventbrite, Jeff Hoffman – co-founder of Priceline, and Jack Welch – former Chairman and CEO of General Electric Company.



I want to share three quick takeaways from the day.

People want to “Buy Experiences Not Things” – Tamara Mendelsohn talked about the importance and value of experiences and how it fits into the mission of Eventbrite.  Putting the Experience First is also one of our core values at BlueToad, pushing us to constantly consider both the experience of customers using our platform and the experience of readers using our software.  Tamara’s talk was a great reminder to me of the importance of this core value, and the work we can still do to make using BlueToad a truly enjoyable experience.

Be an “InfoSponge” – Jeff Hoffman encouraged business leaders to get out of the office and soak up as much information as possible.  Most business decisions are made from within the office but Hoffman suggests that it is better to make certain decisions out of the office and in light of the perspective of your customer.  He also suggested not being picky on the source of your information – as information from other industries can often provide fresh solutions to your problems.

Over deliver, keep learning, and exude positive energy – At the seasoned age of 79, Jack Welch has worked with and led thousands of individuals over the course of his career.  In my opinion, his advice to people of all ages and in all positions is really all about attitude and drive, attributes necessary to impress, build trusting relationships, and ultimately be successful.  We should all work to improve in these areas.

I’m looking forward to the rest of my time here at One Spark.  Follow us on twitter throughout the week – @BlueToadInc, @BlueToadDocs, and @DeHartBeat.