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Standing Out in a Forest of distractions

Standing Out in a Forest of distractions

Why your message needs to stand out.

The pitch deck at One Spark is a daunting place. Creators stand on a stage draped with bright banners, dotted with large monitors, and open to the elements of the vibrant festival atmosphere. Loud music from creator booths and shouts for more food and beer envelop the area until the creator breaks through the noise with the help of their the stage amp.


It seems that no matter what the platform, creators are constantly trying to stand out in a forest of distractions. The task of delivering a thoughtfully targeted and passionate message can sometimes be overwhelming.




Kenny Harper, Digital Director of Rock My Image, knows this experience first hand. As he stood on the pitch deck at One Spark, he passionately delivered the message behind a project he and his partners have worked to develop.



AMP provides structured marketing education aimed at helping creators assess their current status, determine the necessary goals for their success, and define and prioritize the actions they need to take. You can learn about their Action Marketing Platform (AMP) project, in the blog written by our CEO, Paul DeHart, and gain his perspective on their work. You can also visit their website and digital brochure.


Kenny’s presentation and AMP’s philosophy are clear: “Content creators need to know how to distribute their message to the world clearly and effectively.”


This philosophy should be paramount to any content creator. Building a relationship with your audience by establishing your mission, voice, and message reflects a certain responsibility towards the maintenance of your brand. As Kenny put it during his pitch, “80 percent of businesses fail because they are either not in touch with their audience, they don’t differentiate themselves from their competitors, and they have a failure to communicate their message.”


BlueToad helps creators in a similar way. We give content creators the tools they need to build strong relationships with their readers. Providing a platform that delivers a creator’s message efficiently and with a consistent presentation helps those we work with build those meaningful relationships. BlueToad’s solution can be the action that differentiates creators, connects them with their audience, and helps them communicate their message.


Just like how the mic and amp during Kenny’s pitch at One Spark helped him stand out amid all of the competition for his audience’s attention, BlueToad can help you Stand Out in the Digital Forest.