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The Zero Entry Philosophy for Digital Publishing: Start slowly or dive in head first

The Zero Entry Philosophy for Digital Publishing: Start slowly or dive in head first

Digital publishing should be flexible enough to meet your specific needs.

At BlueToad, we strive to provide a digital publishing solution that is robust and flexible enough to help any content creator successfully reach and engage readers.  Contrary to the claims of some, a successful digital strategy can in fact be as simple as a basic digital edition.  Of course, it can also entail a much more complex and interactive digital experience.  There is quite honestly no single strategy that works for everyone.  What may work for you and your audience will depend on several factors, including your content, your bigger engagement goals, and your audience preferences.


customizeSo, how can BlueToad help you with your strategy?  I like to think of the BlueToad solution as a zero entry swimming pool.  You can start by simply putting your toes in.  Create a basic digital edition.  Your content will be available on all modern browsers and devices, and you can begin tracking reader engagement.  Get comfortable.


At any point, you can decide to go deeper into the strategic pool.  You can add rich media to your strategy, which might include video, audio, or animations.  You can include interactive surveys, digital only content, or live news feeds.  You can launch a native app for iPhone, iPad, Android, or other platforms.  You can even go real deep by tweaking your content creation workflow and designing unique, interactive content for specific devices or specific reading experiences – portrait or landscape; phone or tablet.  With our platform, you can do almost anything you can imagine in a web browser.  It is that flexible.


But the real key to the BlueToad solution is that you can go deeper or shallower at any point, all the while maintaining your archives on one platform and gathering useful, ongoing analytics on your reader engagement.  There is no right answer to the digital strategy question.  I just encourage you to put your toes in and see what happens.