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Advice so nice, we’ve heard it more than twice.

Advice so nice, we’ve heard it more than twice.

What successful entrepreneurs have in common.


The theme at One Spark hasn’t changed. Standing out among a crowd of innovators and interesting entrepreneurs is no small task. Here at One Spark, 555 creators vie for votes and funding from up to 40,000 people walking past their booths and venues.


But what makes a creator stand out in the long run?


During the morning press conference held at the heart of the One Spark event near Hemming Park, three One Spark Jurors explained to attendees and reporters what really sets individuals and organizations apart.


The aptly named “Spark Tank” chooses creators that make a special impact with their message and give them the opportunity to present their product and vision to a group of prospective investors, much like the entrepreneur-based reality show “Shark Tank.”


During this press conference, we heard themes that reminded us of the Speaker Summit and message from Rock My Image’s AMP pitch.


What themes reoccurred? Successful creators at One Spark have certain commonalities. They have clear goals, a strong mission, solid implementation, outstanding presentation, and dynamic reach; all of which reflect their dedication and professionalism.


The jurors mentioned their impressions from some of the outstanding artists at One Spark. They recognized that the arts could be considered a field where intuition may seem to be the driving force over analysis and “traditional” business practices. However, those artistic creators that developed strong plans and curated a clear path for their projects were the ones that received the greatest interest and ultimately would receive the best rewards.


Passion and individual dreams may drive the initiation of your movement, but proper planning and a practical foundation are the distinctions that will help maintain and perpetuate one’s initial spark.


Entrepreneurs, startups, investors, and established business professionals can all learn from this type of experience. Take your passion, pursue with the proper perspective, and achieve success.