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Where do your readers come from?

Where do your readers come from?

Targeting your most valuable referrers can make a big impact for your publication.


Your readers can get to your digital content from anywhere. And this doesn’t just mean their geographic location. Their clicks and searches can also lead them to your digital content. Do you know how they access your content?


Evaluating what sites and searches bring your readers in can help you target the marketing of your content online, bringing in new readers efficiently. No two publishers experience the same engagement. Differences in content, strategy, and audience behavior can all affect how your audience gets to your content. Be sure to evaluate all of the analytics for yourself and use the knowledge gained to achieve your specific goals.


Search engines provide a broad gateway for your readers to access your content through. Ensuring that proactive SEO initiatives are enabled for your digital edition means that your digital content is searchable by large search engines like Google. With BlueToad’s solution, proactive SEO initiatives are automatically enabled. Taking advantage of SEO can bring organic interaction without the costs associated with traditional marketing campaigns and strategies.


What is SEO? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and it’s a valuable tool that can help bring readers to your content. Search engines scan information like titles, links, and written content when users create a search query. This information is then used to populate the search results you see after typing something into a search bar. BlueToad’s digital solution automatically makes your publication title, issue title, links in your digital edition, and article content searchable, ensuring your content has the best chance to be found by search engines. For more on how SEO works, watch this short video from


The “organic” results that come from search engines are great, but how else can publishers bring in readers and target their marketing and distribution campaigns?


Referrers are sites and links that direct readers to your content. The list of possible referrers can be enormous depending on your distribution strategy and the behavior of your audience. Referrers could be anything from social media sites, your own website, links from other websites and blogs, links within emails, etc.


In other words, with digital, readers could potentially come from anywhere. After all, any website is just 19 clicks away from any other.


What does this mean for you as a content creator? Again, take a look at your analytics and see where your readers come from. BlueToad’s Thermostats™ analytics automatically tracks a wealth of information to help you evaluate your distribution strategy.


Taking a look at which referrers have the biggest impact for you is a good place to start your evaluation. Knowing this information can help you understand if you should focus on a specific, reliable referrer or branch out into new ways to reach your audience. For example, your direct marketing campaign may be doing well but could you improve your reach via social media? Analyzing these metrics will give you perspective when determining how to focus your distribution strategy. Take a look at this blog discussing website visitors for another look at how to evaluate where your visitors come from.


Experience the digital advantage by properly utilizing the analytics tools you have to improve your reach to your audience and effectively Stand Out in the Digital Forest.