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Zero Entry

Zero Entry

No two publishers are exactly alike.


Differences in content, resources, and audience behavior give each publisher unique challenges when putting together their content.


Digital editions of their content provide even more opportunities for variation. Publishers may ask themselves, “Should I just have a replica version of my content? What about adding special features? Does my audience engage with this extra content?”


Since each publisher’s content, resources, and audience behavior is different, there is not a “one size fits all” answer. However, with a digital solution, publishers can “test the waters” and see what digital-only features fit into their content strategy best, creating the best overall experience for their audience.


We call this the “Zero Entry Strategy.”



BlueToad suggests working with your editorial staff to see what digital assets can be created and integrated given your available resources. Then, measure the engagement the pages with the new features experience. If you see a marked improvement in engagement, take a step deeper into the digital pool until you reach the point where your resource input balances your engagement output.


For more information on adding rich media features to your digital edition, visit our Knowledge Base entries for video, slideshows, animations, and audio.


Find what features fit best with your content and Stand Out in the Digital Forest.


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