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Supporting innovation and entrepreneurship

Supporting innovation and entrepreneurship

BlueToad is the official Digital Event Guide Partner for One Spark – the world’s largest crowd sourcing festival happening right here in our own sunny back yard in Jacksonville, Florida from April 7-12.  You might ask why BlueToad is involved with One Spark.  Well, there are several reasons.

We want to support entrepreneurs and innovation.  My partners and I built BlueToad from the ground up, working hard to build a successful and sustainable business.  From experience, we understand that entrepreneurial success depends on not only a mix of hard work and ambition but also on the support and guidance of others.  We want to support the Creators at One Spark.




We want to support the great Sunshine State as one of the best places to start and grow a business.  Florida continues to shine in areas like infrastructure, workforce, and desirability.  It is important to support initiatives that attract talent, business, and funding to Florida.  International events like One Spark keep us moving in the right direction.


We want to support our friends at First Coast Magazine.  Check out what they are doing at and follow them on twitter during One Spark @firstcoastmag using #firstcoastmaglab.



Finally, we want to demonstrate to the First Coast and to the Creators and attendees at One Spark just how BlueToad can help businesses transform their documents into engaging digital experiences.  While we built our business on the backs of the traditional publishing industry, we now work with just as many businesses helping them create digital versions of marketing brochures, business reports, training materials, white papers, and more.


We are proud to be the official Digital Event Guide Partner for One Spark and to be a part of the FirstCoastMagLab.  Come see us live at the event or follow us on twitter – @BlueToadInc using #DigitalPubs and @BlueToadDocs using #DigitalDocs.