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Digital Retail Design Layouts: Which One is Best for Your Retail Event?

Digital Retail Design Layouts: Which One is Best for Your Retail Event?

Your retail digital publishing needs are unique to your business, and choosing the right design layout to showcase your products and services is essential. In general, most retail publications use one of following four design layouts:

DIGITAL CIRCULAR: This style is commonly used by retailers that offer weekly retail events, such as drug stores and supermarkets.  This design employs a grid layout, and typically showcases 10 or more items on a page.  Price and image are the main focus. Click here to see an example of a digital circular.

CATALOG: This style uses an artistic or photographic layout and is the preferred choice of many fashion and home goods retailers.  A limited number of products are featured on each page to allow for impressive photography, and detailed product descriptions. Click here to see an example of a catalog.

BULK CATALOG:  This style presents detailed product information such as price, quantity, color options, weight, and SKUs in a chart or graph form.  This style tends to be preferred by retailers that sell many variations of the same product in bulk form.   An example of a retailer that uses this design layout is as an office supply store. Click here to see an example of a bulk catalog.

RECREATION GUIDE:  Many parks and community centers choose this style because it is built more like a brochure.  Heavy text and interactive features such as slideshows, videos, and audio are presented side by side with detailed information about classes, activities or events in a chart-like manner. Click here to see an example of a recreation guide.

design-greenWhen creating your digital retail publication, be sure to choose the design that best showcases your products and services, and ultimately motivates your customers to take action.

To see more information about retail digital features and publications, click here to be directed to BlueToad’s Retail Sampler.