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Superhero Spotlight: David Rios

Superhero Spotlight: David Rios

rsz_david_rios-profilepicDavid Rios

Graphic Designer

Started May 2011

“Success comes from taking chances and leaving your comfort zone.”


Q: What professional superpower do you bring to the BlueToad team?

A: I am known for my vision, I have an acute eye for detail, and I have a knack for color schemes. I work well with teams, and I am inspired by other creative minds.


rsz_imagefrandy-davidQ: What brought you to BlueToad?

A: Our Customer Service Manager brought me to the BlueToad team. We are fraternity brothers and roomed together at the University of Central Florida.


Q: Where can clients and partners see your work for BlueToad?

A: My influence can be seen in our company’s rebrand and through the ongoing design of the BlueToad Dashboard, dynamic HTML 5 viewer, and the universal iOS App.


Q: What do you think is the most important workplace virtue?

A: Making a positive environment. I work hard to ensure that I will be remembered as someone who is always creative and finds a way to make others laugh, promotes teamwork, and enjoys life both within and outside of the office. I believe this helps everyone in the workplace.


Rios-computer-sm2Q: What words of wisdom do you have for those that want to achieve the success you’ve seen?

A: Work hard to always find a creative solution. Success comes from taking chances and leaving your comfort zone.

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