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3 Simple Things to Know to Improve Your Digital Reach

3 Simple Things to Know to Improve Your Digital Reach

Have you ever wondered where to start when looking at your Thermostats™ report? Here are some simple tips to get you started.

Thermostats™ contains an amazing amount of information about the consumption of your digital edition. In this blog, we will explore one scenario that demonstrates how you can make Thermostats™ work for you.


Let’s start by looking at entry reports.

How did your readers get to your digital edition? What days do most readers access your digital edition? What link brought them to your digital edition? Was it from your website? Social media? What about search engines? Which did they use and what keywords did they search?

Take a look at your entry reports to find the answers to these questions. Gain an understanding of which marketing channels are working and which need improvement. With the data provided through BlueToad’s analytics, you can formulate a stronger marketing plan.


How are your readers viewing your digital edition?

Now that you have an understanding of how your readers got to your digital edition, it’s important to know what browser and OS your readers use.

Why? Take the following statistics into consideration:

  • 58% of Americans have a smartphone and 42% have a tablet[1]
  • 20% of people worldwide own a smartphone; 1 in 17 own a tablet[2]

Your readers carry around a smart phone with them most of the day, are they using it to access your content? If not, you could be missing out on a crucial opportunity to reach your audience.

Check thermostats to see if your readers are accessing your publication via mobile browsers. If not, make sure they are aware that your digital edition is available on mobile. BlueToad’s HTML 5 solution delivers a clean and consistent presentation across all major modern platforms.


Make sure you deliver quality content.

Now you understand how your readers found your digital edition and what they use to view it. But what do they enjoy the most? Page reports and issue reports give you a clear idea of what content makes the best impression. BlueToad recommends that you start monitoring your Thermostats™ data and establish benchmarks for your publication.

Let’s suppose that you have a rich media component like slideshows or audio.

First, take a look at page views to see if readers are reaching the page. Then, take a look at the seconds spent per page to see if they are staying long enough to watch the slideshow or listen to the audio. Ask yourself: Is the investment you made on the rich content paying off? Is it reaching your audience the way you hoped?

Use these analytics to see how you can improve various pages and components throughout your publication.

This is just one example of how you can use three reports in Thermostats™ together to understand who your readers are and how they consume your content. Armed with this knowledge, you can improve the overall impact of your digital edition from monetization, content positioning, and more.

For more information on Thermostats™ be sure to check out our Knowledge Base.

Also, visit our Resources page. We update it regularly with information on this topic and more.