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Delivering through details

Delivering through details

Digital solutions give content creators the ability to display their messages in unique and subtle ways.

Content creators can experience the digital advantage in a variety of ways and through a host of digital-only features. These features help add value to digital content beyond what print can provide.


Some value-adding digital features don’t even require employing additional resources. Content creators can add value to their digital edition by creatively implementing resources they may already have available through adding clickable links and simple features to their digital content.


One of the simple but effective features content creators can employ is the ticker. The ticker displays a customizable message and icon along the bottom of each page of
 all issues within a publication.


This message can be issue-specific or it can remain consistent across all issues within a publication or document group. Additionally, the message is viewable the entire time the reader is engaged with the content. The ever-present and clickable message at the bottom of the issue view is a great way to direct an audience to additional content.


How can content creators take advantage of this feature? There are plenty of ways to take advantage of this feature and investing time into finding out what fits with your strategy best can help improve the depth of your reach with your audience. Consider the following three simple examples and start thinking about what would work best for your strategy, content, and goals.


3 ways to use the ticker:


1 – Link to your website

Probably the simplest use of the ticker. Linking to your website keeps your audience close to your “home base” while they explore the content your digital edition has to offer. Linking to your website, contact page, ecommerce site, or social media outlets gives you an opportunity to reach your audience on a deeper level and build a stronger relationship with your readers.

link to web

2 – Display a specific message

Just like the ticker at the bottom of your television during news or sports, the ticker can deliver an ancillary message to your audience. Perhaps the message and link can provide information or an update on an upcoming sale, event, or release. The message in the ticker can be updated at any time and will update when your readers refresh your content. This is a great opportunity to deliver a meaningful message to your audience that will help you build a stronger relationship with your readers.


3 – Monetize your digital content

BlueToad’s clients and partners have experienced success with selling the ticker space to advertisers who want their brand message visible at all times to an engaged audience. Advertisers can have their message displayed to the reader throughout the digital experience, thereby improving their relationship with their audience as well. For more information on monetization, read our case study.


BlueToad suggests implementing the features you see value in, evaluating the impact they have, and discovering new ways to improve your digital content, we call it the “Zero Entry Strategy.” Stay current, interactive, and engaging in a way that fits with your overall strategy and Stand Out in the Digital Forest.