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Google Analytics and the BlueToad Solution

Google Analytics and the BlueToad Solution

With BlueToad and Google Analytics, you can track publication statistics in Flex, HTML 5, and iOS.

Understanding reader engagement with your content is essential to developing and maintaining a strong content strategy. This includes ensuring that you deliver the content your readers want to see, to arming your sales team with knowledge and metrics when they approach advertisers.

BlueToad’s Thermostats™ already measures in near real-time all reader interactions with your content, and can report to Google Analytics data such as which publications, documents, and pages are being viewed by your readers.


analyticsWhy add Google Analytics?

There are many reasons to integrate Thermostats™ data with Google Analytics:

  1.  Google Analytics is a familiar tool and interface to view data.
  2.  Integration enables you to aggregate your digital edition data with other Google Analytics data.
  3.  Google Analytics may be an internal standard or requirement.


Google Analytics

To sign up for Google Analytics, visit and follow the sign-up procedures.

Once you have successfully signed up for Google Anlaytics, Google will provide a unique Universal Analytics (UA) code that can be used to track interactions with your digital edition.

Thermostats™ will continue to run and track publisher specific metrics after the addition of Google Analytics.


dataReceive Detailed Information

Users can set up a single UA for their entire BlueToad account or separate UAs for each publication. We recommend that publishers with multiple publications set up a separate UA for each so that statistics for each publication can be viewed and shared independently.


How to set up Google Analytics within BlueToad’s system

Once you’ve received your UA code from Google, setting up Google Analytics can be done in your BlueToad dashboard in 4 simple steps.

  • From your dashboard, click “Link & Widgets”
  • Click “Google Analytics”
  • Select the desired publication.
  • Enter your UA code

Thermostats™ and Google Analytics can give you the information you need to approach advertisers and to effectively monetize your publication and ad space.

For more information on monetizing your digital edition, visit our monetization case study. For more information on setting up Google Analytics within the BlueToad Dashboard, visit our Knowledge Base.

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