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Proofing Links: The Key to Collaboration

Proofing Links: The Key to Collaboration

Proper review procedures are vital to any publication and efficiency during this process is key to a successful and timely launch. For digital content, publishers often ask, “How does our team conduct its review procedure without activating the content and making it viewable by the reading audience?”

The answer, utilize BlueToad’s Issue Proofing Link feature.  customizecircleicon

The Issue Proofing Link is a limited use link, enabling content creators to share their digital edition in its final presentation with their editorial staff without having to publish the document to the world or distribute dashboard login credentials.

To learn how to access the proofing link, click here and you will be directed to the Proofing Link Feature within our Tech Flies publication.

BlueToad’s proofing and collaboration tools give your team the ability to review your publication before activation. At BlueToad, our mission is to help content creators build better audience relationships and that begins with helping you develop the best possible digital edition for your content.