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Sharing is caring

Sharing is caring

4 reasons why your publication should utilize share features

We’ve been told our whole lives that it’s right to share with those around us. Given how easy it is to share anything you see online through social media, your digital edition should be no exception. Give your audience the ability to easily share your content with their followers.

How does “sharing” benefit my publication?

  1. sharingHelp your publication go viral through the share feature available through BlueToad’s HTML 5 solution.
  2. When you give your readers the opportunity to share and spread your interesting and engaging publication with all of their followers, you gain quality engagement on a personal level.
  3. With our share feature, your audience can easily share your content across their favorite social media platforms. Your readers can help spread your content’s message in new places where you may not have previously experienced quality exposure.
  4. Take advantage of social trends and Stand Out in the Digital Forest.

BlueToad’s share feature provides the ability to share links to your digital edition through email, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest straight from the toolbar in your digital edition.

Publishers can control specific share settings in the dashboard and decide which share options to make available to readers. Readers can then easily and intuitively access share options from the toolbar with a simple click.

Our goal at BlueToad is to give publishers and readers the ability to share content and spread the word. We understand that we are all in a social world. For more detailed information on our share feature, click here.