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Tall Pages

techfliescircleicon 2Publishers can now add BlueToad’s Tall Pages to their digital content in Flash, HTML 5, and iOS Apps. Tall Pages allow the reader to navigate content vertically as well as horizontally within the digital edition.

With Tall Pages, publishers can engage their readers in an extra viewing dimension. Tall Pages enable a publisher to add additional content without disrupting the existing pagination structures.


  • For mobile devices, simply swipe up or down to navigate through a Tall Page.
  • On desktop, a small arrow will appear at the center of the top and/or bottom of the page to navigate throughout the Tall Page.
  • The “Go to Page” in the bottom toolbar in the HTML 5 viewer, readers can use the thumbnails to navigate through Tall Pages.

Requirements: You will need a PDF file where all pages share the same dimensions as the standard sized page in the issue. If multiple pages will be added, make certain the PDF is combined before proceeding.

What benefits does adding Tall Pages bring to your digital edition?

  • Tall Pages give publishers the ability to create more pages specific to their digital edition. This space can be used for additional editorial content or to create additional and unique ad space.
  • Publishers have the ability to add updates to their digital editions without affecting the horizontal pagination. Use this feature to add last-minute announcements, updates, or ads without disrupting of the rest of the digital edition.
  • Create engaging spread views. BlueToad’s Tall Pages move independently of each other. When side-by-side, this feature can create a slot machine-like navigation experience. Readers can mix and match the pages they view when two Tall Pages are viewed in spread view.

Publishers can add Tall Pages to their content through their dashboard. Visit our Knowledge Base for more information on how to set up Tall Pages.

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