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Thermostats™ Access Only

Thermostats™ Access Only

BlueToad makes it safe and simple for publishers to share their analytics with stakeholders.


What is it?

analytics-lbThermostats™ Access Only enables publishers to share their end-user metrics with selected users. These selected users will have access only to Thermostats™ available through the publisher’s dashboard. Once you have set up the new user, you can then share the link and login credentials with the added user. The user will then have access only to the Thermostats™ portion of your dashboard.


How Does It Benefit My Publication?

Thermostats™ and the ability to share the information it measures with stakeholders and staff helps your publication build strong audience relationships. The valuable metrics available through BlueToad’s powerful Thermostats™ Analytics, allow you to measure and respond to real-world audience behavior.

Your publication’s sales team can use Thermostats™ to approach prospective advertisers to monetize the publication. Content editors can build a stronger publication by focusing on the components your readers view most.

The information available through Thermostats™ can help identify what engages your readers most through the recording of pages views, visit duration, and other important information.

care-teamYou have always been able to easily access this data from your dashboard by clicking the Thermostats™ icon on your publication. Now, you can also share your analytics with departments within your organization and other stakeholders without risking any unwanted modifications to your dashboard settings.


Add Thermostats-only users in 5 steps:

  1. From your dashboard, click “My Account”
  2. Click “Edit Users”
  3. Fill in the user’s information
  4. Select Thermostats from the adjacent dropdown menu
  5. Click “Add”


BlueToad brings you this review feature to assist your team’s risk free collaboration and end-user analysis. BlueToad is committed to helping content creators build better audience relationships. Using BlueToad’s built-in analytics will help you create better, more effective publications and connect more meaningfully with your readers.

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