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What is Thermostats?

What is Thermostats?

Thermostats™ gives you a look into what reaches your audience most.

Learn who your readers are, what they view most, when they access your content, and where they are.

analytics-lbThermostats™ is BlueToad’s own proprietary software which gives you the best understanding of what your audience engages with most within your digital edition. The valuable analytics gained from this free and powerful tool is more than what other digital solutions can provide. While other publishers may have analytics built in, none are like Thermostats™.

What can Thermostats show me?

Thermostats™ gathers analytics about your issue, ads, pages, and readers during a reporting date range you select. Below is a broad breakdown of what BlueToad’s Thermostats™ can show you. Over the course of the next month, we will break down these topics further and provide even deeper insight through our Tech Flies series.

Issue Reports

Gain an overall understanding of what interaction your selected issue experienced from readers. Some of the valuable analytics included in this report are:

  • Visits and views by date and issue
  • Interactions by date and issue
  • Article clicks
  • Internal search terms

Each of these issue report categories allows you to learn about total issue visits, monthly and daily unique visits, total page views, and seconds spent per issue and page. Additionally, reports can be broken down by date and issues in your publication, giving you more control when sorting through the data.

AdGen Reports

Learn what ads engage your audience most. Do URLs get the clicks you need? Are video and audio components reaching your readers? Do banner ads make a strong impression? Search through your AdGen reports and sort by ad or advertiser to find out these answers and more.

Page Reports

analytics-gPage reports gather information similar to what is presented in issue reports, except at the page level. Page views, interactions, and page prints, all show you how your digital edition is consumed on the page level. Furthermore, interactions by page breakdown the analytics even further:

  • Total page views
  • Seconds spent per page view
  • Total clicks
  • Shares to emails/social networks
  • Total page zooms
  • Total favorites added
  • Total notes added

Reader Profile

With reader profile reports, publishers can learn about where their readers are geographically, what operating systems and OS they used to access the digital edition, and what viewer versions are used.

Entry Reports

Now that you know where your readers are in the world by viewing your reader profile report, you may ask, “How did they access my digital edition?” Entry reports show you what URLs referred the reader to your publication, what search engines were used to find the digital edition, and what keywords they used in those search engines.


This report shows total page views and total page downloads for the selected publication.

Stay tuned throughout November as we take a closer look at the topics above. As always, be sure to check our Knowledge Base for even more information on any BlueToad topic.

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