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Issue view trends

Issue view trends

Issue views are on the rise for digital editions.

The chart below shows the number of titles analyzed for this study from various publishing segments, including business, consumer, journal, newsletter, and resource/advertising.

Reporting copy 2

For each publication group, we examined the average number of issue views in 2011 and then again in 2014. The following chart illustrates how the average number of issue views has grown across each publication group.

Issue view benchmarks

As you can see, monthly issue visits are up on average by 24.4%, reflecting the demand for digital content as part of a publishing strategy across these publication groups.

So what does this mean for publishers?

Your digital audience is growing; start leveraging those new readers with fresh digital-only content, engaging rich media, or interactive animations. Digital editions provide you with new and creative opportunities to monetize your content and increase your reach. Now is the time to tweak your digital strategy for 2015.

For information on how to incorporate digital-only features as part of this renewed strategy, take a look at our examples in techflies.