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Thermostats 101: Visits and Views

Thermostats 101: Visits and Views

What can you learn from visits and views by date?

analytics-lbTracking how your audience interacts with your digital content provides a glimpse into how your readers think and shows you exactly what engages your readers most. Using this information to your advantage can help you build a better relationship with your audience.


Did you know that BlueToad’s digital solution comes with a built-in analytics tracker? Thermostats™ is our proprietary software that tracks a vast amount of information. However, taking it all in at once can be a bit overwhelming.


So, let’s tackle these components one small piece at a time, starting with visits and views by date. This is a good place to start as it shows one of the simplest metrics publishers should be interested in: how many readers see the content.


Visits & views by date can be found in your Issue Reports and illustrate how many times your issue is visited, how many page views are incurred, and how long readers are engaged per issue visit, all sorted by date.


What can you do with this data? This data can have a big impact in two important ways.

  • First, understanding how many readers visit your issue and view your content can help you understand the size of your audience. How many readers engage with your issues? What content do they interact with most? See how many visits and views your issues receive and tailor your content around the issues that receive the most interaction.
  • Second, this information can lead to making important improvements to your content, one of the most important of which is monetization. Show advertisers and sponsors the size of your audience to sell ad space within your digital content. Give them the opportunity to make your audience a part of their audience.


For more information on any metric in Thermostats™, click the info icon next to the title.


The best way to understand Thermostats™ is by opening it in your dashboard and exploring the data for yourself. Our Knowledge Base and techflies have information on Thermostats™ to help guide you. And be sure to stay tuned into the blog as we continue to explore more of the information you can gain through these reports.