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And Now We Are 6

This month – April of 2013 – marks our 6th anniversary as a company. For those of you who work at long, established companies, “6” might seem like a small candle on a birthday cake. But for a technology company – 6 is HUGE!  We’ve come a long way in our 6 years and we’re so grateful for our customers, partners, and the great employees that make up our BlueToad family.

One of our core values is “We Are A Family”.  Family means strong relationships and trust. When we treat our employees like family, we know they will never want to let each other and our customers down.

One Friday, we donned our best BlueToad blue and white for a group THANK YOU card photo to commemorate the occasion.  At least, that was the intention.  One accidental slip on the camera trigger snapped the photo in stop motion instead. With a little creativity, sweat, and some magic from the lily pad…a video version was born.

So to thank you for 6 great years and many more to come, we give you “The BlueToad Shake”.