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Google Currents, Flipboard export now available

Now you can export a link from the BlueToad dashboard which will provide you with an RSS version of your text articles. You can import into your Google Currents or Flipboard account. We already are extracting the articles for you – why not leverage that content format for other purposes?

How does it work?

The Article Export will convert your issue articles into an RSS feed that you can incorporate into your Google Currents or Flipboard account. (See a sample here). You can choose to export FULL or PARTIAL articles. Once your Google Currents account is setup, new articles are automatically pushed to the aggregator with no manual intervention from you.

Added feature: When you attach images to the articles in the BlueToad dashboard, the images convey as well. You can even attach images to the articles from the BlueToad dashboard, which will also feed the aggregator, and present a more visual representation of your content.

What are the costs? 

This feature is included as part of the BlueToad service you already enjoy as a customer.

Where do I start?

First, make sure your publication is setup with the following:

  • At least 1 active Digital Edition
  • Text Articles setup in the current issue
  • Masked domain – The publication must utilize a masked domain that you can prove to Google you own. Domain masking must use an “A record” pointing your domain to our ip address rather than the “CNAME record” option.

You’ll want to involve someone at your company who is knowledgeable about your domain as Google requires you to prove that you own your domain rights before they grant access. After you’ve run through the above checklist and have your Article Export, Google or Flipboard will walk you through some steps to complete the process online. Once you’re setup, the articles will flow through to the reader without additional required manual intervention.

Interested in getting started?

We’ve added some information on how to deploy this new feature below. We’d be interested in hearing how it’s going – so please comment below, tweet us @bluetoadinc, or post an update on our Facebook page. We might even feature your success story to share with other BlueToad publishers!

Here are some quick How-To’s:

How to Add Images

How to Retrieve the Article Export

And some helpful links:

Create a Google Currents Account – you will need a Google Account in order to access this page –

Tips on Creating a Flipboard Account –