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Spotlight on….Andrew Valente, BlueToad Systems Engineer

This is the second in a series of Employee Spotlight Interviews, where we select an employee to highlight on our blog.  Interviews are conducted by Erika Sterling, Strategic Account Manager here at BlueToad.

Andrew, what exactly does a Systems Engineer do at BlueToad?

I work closely with our development team, manage quality assurance with our desktop viewer and mobile apps, and handle IT inquiries.

 BlueToad Systems Engineer,  Andrew Valente

BlueToad Systems Engineer, Andrew Valente

How long have you been with BlueToad?

I’ve been with the Toad for almost 2 years – my anniversary is in August. Best two years of my life!

What would you say is the best-kept secret about your role? Something that you do here at BlueToad that people would be surprised to know?

They’d probably be surprised to know that I have some input on what features get added to our apps and desktop viewers.

What do you find most gratifying about your job?

It’s a neat feeling knowing that my input impacts the reader experience!

Who do you get mistaken for on a regular basis?

Ever since I’ve let my hair grow out I’m often asked, “Has anyone told you that you look like John Lennon?”

 (Which, by the way, is an honor because he’s my favorite Beatle!)

What’s the best advice you’ve been given?                                                      

It wasn’t given to me in person, however, I read this on a business blog once  and really liked it:
“The most useful advice I have ever been given, and would give, is that nothing comes easy. There really is no substitute for hard work, long hours, and constant devotion.”

I live by this statement!

 Believe it or not….

When I was 16 I taught Microsoft Office and Adobe suites to students of my grandparent’s Business, Computer Arts and Sciences Academy, in Stuart, Florida. This is where my love for anything computer related was born.

 If you were a superhero, who would you be and why?
My mother. She supported all my crazy ideas growing up and gave me the confidence to never be scared to try new things and instilled in me a great work ethic. She is truly a superhero!