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Zoom in on…The Bark

This is the first in a series of posts featuring BlueToad customers that are doing creative things with their digital edition. Interviews are conducted by Erika Sterling, Strategic Account Manager here at BlueToad. 

As a dog lover, you can imagine my excitement when The Bark agreed to be the subject of my blog. Not only does the publication feature cute dogs doing neat things, but The Bark is doing some neat things with their digital edition as well. I recently had the opportunity to chat with Claudia Kawczynska, Editor-in-Chief, and Daniela Lopez, Digital Manager for The Bark, about their experience with going digital.

Erika: I first got into reading The Bark while hanging out at book stores, so I was delighted when I found out you had a digital edition as well. What has the feedback from your readers been since transitioning to digital?

Daniela: While most of our subscribers are still on the print side, we’re seeing more of a move to digital, especially since moving to the mobile app. While we definitely have more readers on the print side right now, we can see them slowly making the move.

If you’ve read The Bark, you can tell that they’re having fun with their digital edition while keeping their audience in mind. For example, they’re staging their Presentation Page in an innovative and non-traditional way by utilizing it as a navigational tool for their readers, offering tips on how to take advantage of their media-rich issues.

the Bark

Erika: I love what you’ve decided to do for your Presentation Page, since we normally see this page being used for sponsors and advertisements. I’m sure your readers appreciated the tips also. How did you come up with the idea to use it as a navigational tool?

Claudia: Customer service was front and center in that decision. One thing we always look out for is our readers. We wanted to remain actively involved in customer service during the transition, and the navigational help menu on the Presentation Page was a great way to do that.

Erika: What about the ‘Play’ icons that you use for video and audio? How did you go about designing them?

Claudia: They’re actually the same icons that we use in the digital edition, so we didn’t have to incorporate an extra design step to utilize them in the help menu.

Erika: That’s convenient, nice to not have to add an extra step to the workflow. I really enjoy the interactivity of the videos too. I just think it’s a fun thing to incorporate.

Claudia: You know, readers enjoy the interactivity, it’s fun for them, and advertisers really like the videos too. It’s a creative use of the ad space, and since videos are included in our per-page cost, it’s cost effective for us as well.

Erika: So one last thing here before I have to go – do you have any lessons you’ve learned along the way that you don’t mind sharing with other content publishers? Any tips?

Daniela: Have fun!

Claudia: Definitely have fun with your digital edition.  If you have fun, so will your readers.

It’s something simple, but makes a huge impact. By keeping fun at the forefront, I’m certain we can continue to expect great content from The Bark.

For a preview of The Bark, please click here