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Basic Information on BlueToad’s Value Added Reseller Program

Basic Information on BlueToad’s Value Added Reseller Program

Get a basic overview of the different client relationships BlueToad maintains with its publishers and resellers.


The intended audience for this blog is an organization that maintains relationships with multiple publishers and publications as well as existing BlueToad direct customers considering becoming a Value Added Reseller (VAR). This document will provide a basic understanding of your partnership options. Learn more by contacting BlueToad’s sales department.

Table of Contents

  • Service Level Overview
  • Becoming a VAR
  • Support for VARs

Service Level Overview

BlueToad’s direct customers and VAR partners work closely with BlueToad’s support team to ensure publishing digital editions is fast and easy. Service levels range from:

  • Standard Features: Upload and create your own digital publication including setting up text articles, page jumps, video/audio, etc.
  • Publisher’s Package: Upload your publication and BlueToad will assist you with the contents menu setup, advertiser menu setup, text version of articles, manual linking, and rich media insertions (video, audio, slideshows & animations).
  • Hands Free Service: BlueToad will provide you with one-on-one support and will assemble your entire publication for you including file uploads, page setup, cropping, combining, and activation.
  • Retail Package: Upload your retail publication and BlueToad will enhance your edition using special Retail Assisted Services including product rollovers, product detail pages, SKU links, and product number links.

In addition to these service level options, some clients have decided to partner with BlueToad as a VAR. VARs sell white-label versions of BlueToad’s products and services to their customer base.

BlueToad welcomes as a VAR anyone who would like to add digital editions and mobile apps to their product portfolio. BlueToad gives VARs the opportunity to enrich their existing product portfolio with various digital publishing options and solutions for the publications they service. Adding digital editions and apps to your existing product portfolio can create a significant strategic advantage.


Becoming a VAR

care-teamIf BlueToad’s products and services are synergistic to your core business, or if your customers would benefit from a bundled offering, then you may want to consider becoming a BlueToad VAR partner. VARs typically commit to 1000 or more pages of content per month.

Once you join the VAR program, your assigned sales and support reps will reach out to you to schedule dashboard-training, sales training, and the creation of your branded collateral. BlueToad’s account representatives will then be ready to answer your questions and support your offering of our products.


Support for VARs

supportA dedicated account rep tracks the flow of your clients’ publications through our system and ensures they are delivered on time and to your expectations. Additionally, our strategic account managers support your sales team. Their goal is to educate your team and prepare them with appropriate training to sell BlueToad products and services. At your request, BlueToad team members will even assist you with demos and sales calls with your clients.

VARs also are the first to receive notice of new products and services and have the opportunity to provide valuable input on future products. BlueToad’s VAR program currently includes valued partnerships with printers, fulfillment houses, content providers, and designers.

BlueToad welcomes our future VAR partners to join us as a BlueToad direct client first in order to familiarize yourself with the dashboard and our Client Care team. If you decide to upgrade your involvement with BlueToad at a later time, you can always migrate your accounts over to our VAR platform when you are ready.

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