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The Benefits of Digital Documents for Modern Business

The Benefits of Digital Documents for Modern Business


circles-supportcircleiconThe purpose of this white paper is to provide a basic overview of how today’s modern business can easily and affordably leverage digital editions to distribute their corporate documents and content in digital form. The intended audience for this document is any business professional responsible for creating and distributing company documents, both internally and externally. This document will highlight the process for migrating your content to digital editions and the inherent benefits of going digital. More information about going digital can be attained by contacting BlueToad’s Sales Department.

Table Of Contents

  • Print to Digital Migration
  • Digital Content in Today’s Modern Age
  • Content Owner Experience
  • Reader Experience

Print To Digital Migration

support-magentacircleiconThe advent of the digital world has led to 24/7 access to content, while mobile devices like tablets and laptops have made it easier than ever to access important information from anywhere. Content creators of all types are adapting how their message is communicated based on how their readers can access the content.

Digital edition technology was originally created with the needs of magazine publishers in mind. However, businesses are catching on to the fact that digital editions represent a serious value-add for corporate documents, too.

Traditionally, business documents were distributed on paper or electronically by PDF. The paper approach can be expensive to both print and to distribute. Moreover, version control can be burdensome given the costs associated with printing and replacing updated pages coupled with the complexities of ensuring that old versions are no longer accessible.

Distributing a PDF online is a quick way to distribute content but the up and down reading experience is not as comfortable as the left to right experience to which we are accustomed. Reading a PDF as an attachment on a mobile device requires the reader to download the PDF and then open it. Often, the PDF reading experience can be clunky and slow.

Both paper and PDF options miss the opportunity to easily provide enriched content, like videos, audio, or slideshows.

While additional alternative solutions might exist to share documents electronically, most do not offer a uniform viewing experience across multiple browsers, tablets, and mobile devices.

Digital Content In Today’s Modern Age

So how do companies deliver digital content in today’s modern age?

Documents can be created easily and quickly as digital editions in the BlueToad dashboard. Conversion is fast and distribution is easy through a simple URL and/or HTML code that can be added to any website. URLs and email addresses found in the content are automatically hyperlinked for a reader to click on when viewing.

The owner can publish immediately or add in video, audio, or slide shows to enhance the content even further.

Content Owner Experience

The BlueToad dashboard is organized in such a way that the content owner can quickly visualize cover thumbs of all the content they have uploaded, sorted by projects they have worked on most recently.

datacircleiconVersion control is simplified. Changing a page is as easy as replacing the old content with the new content. The only cost is the cost to convert the changing page. Since the content is hosted in the cloud, all readers are viewing the same pages at all times. The same link works for the new content that worked for the old content. The need to send out new links or to claw back outdated information is eliminated. 

Businesses also have the ability to control who views the content in its documents. By default, any document is open to any reader, however, businesses can require a reader to enter a user name and password or restrict access to certain IP addresses.

Reader Experience

Reading a digital edition online is much more intuitive than a static PDF. Content is displayed left to right. Toolbars are available to help the reader jump to different pages or sections. There is also a robust search engine built into the edition. The reader can search for a word or phrase within the document or a group of documents and visually see a list of available pages where the content could be found. 

Readers can also access the content through a mobile device with a modern browser and use the same navigational features available for desktop. There is no need to first download and then open the content.

Finally, the reader can access enhanced content like videos, audio, or slideshows, should the business choose to include such media in the document.

Key Message: Today’s modern business can easily and affordably leverage digital editions to distribute their corporate documents and content in digital form.

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